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LP | The Most Authentic Songwriter In Music Right Now

On this episode of Sound Sessions, Michael sits down with the heartfelt, thoughtful and powerful artist…LP. Turn up your volume for this interview which took place at Chicago’s Metro before her sold out show.

[excerpt taken from https://iamlp.blog discussing where the song “Recovery” came from]

I stumbled via Twitter on a “Sound Sessions” account, and they were asking to pitch questions to them that will be later asked during an interview before LP’s show at the Metro in Chicago. So I wrote if they could ask about “Recovery”… And to my Amazement, my question did end up in interview! And here’s LP’s story about the origins of the song:

That was actually, it’s an older song, it’s a song I’ve had for like 5 years, it was a song I wrote, really (as a songwriter), with Leona Lewis in mind. And I wrote it about my break up at the time, the one before the “Lost On You” one. And I kind of was writing it from her perspective, because I was like kind of, you know, I knew that I, when I broke up with her, you know I need to leave her alone and let her heal a bit, you know, even though I wanted to reach out to her, and so I wrote it from her perspective.
And I remember I read somewhere that Leona Lewis just broke up with someone, and then I worked later with Leona Lewis, and we wrote a song together called “Fingerprint” that she put out. But I remember saying to her: “Yeah, I wrote this song, I don’t think you guys chose it, but I, you know figuring you just went up through a break up and it’s really terrible”, and she was like: “No, no actually it’s fine, we’re friends it’s cool”, I was like: “right, fuck it…”.
Yeah, and I wasn’t really doing the artist thing quite yet, so I would like kind of put it aside, for a minute, you know. And I remember an ANR guy, I actually work with him now at RCA a bit, and he was pitching songs for me as a songwriter, but he was like, “yeah we kind of played this song with someone” like a big person or whatever and there was like: “Why just she don’t do it” kind of thing.
And then I was like, I don’t know, I’ve always been really attached to it and I think it’s just been waiting for me till I get to the point I think after, kind of setting my thing up with like “Lost On You” the record and I think it just fits me so much, it always has, but I think the set up for me to now put it out as an artist is really, really good. And I just like, it’s definitely one of those listen to in the dark kind of songs, you know…” Interviewer: Wow, timing is everything.

Quote from ‘LP | The Most Authentic Songwriter In Music Right Now’, for Sound Sessions by Mike Heidemann. You can still listen to the whole podcast, click here.