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Company Of Thieves | Coming Home To Chicago

Sound Sessions host, Michael Heidemann sits down with Genevieve Schatz (vocals) and Marc Walloch (guitar) from the Chicago-born group, Company of Thieves before their long awaited homecoming show at the House Of Blues.  They discuss what’s been happening since they took some time off, side-projects and the meaning behind their new song “Treasure” – As well as go deep with questions surrounding life, affirmations and the soulful music they write.

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Wheeler Walker Jr. | Country Music's American Badass

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Wheeler Walker Jr.

Wheeler Walker Jr. is a force to be reckoned with as far as his music and lyrical composition are concerned.  The Kentucky native and offbeat songwriting virtuoso joins Michael and Kevin on this episode of Sound Sessions.  See Wheeler Walker Jr. LIVE at Joe's on Weed Street - July 22nd.  [Warning Explicit Language]

Wheeler Walker Jr. is one of those rare artists that stands by his music through and through.  We discuss the importance of staying genuine to the songwriting process and the music industries/streaming services issues when it comes to censorship.  Wheeler also discusses his surprising rise to fame on "black twitter", the unorthodox ways Wheeler promotes his music whether it be through new media like podcasts or on certain websites that prove more popular than traditional music publications (we'll let you use your imagination on this one).   We also touch on Wheeler's influences, the first "uncensored" song  he wrote and his beef with a popular Chicago radio host.

Be sure  to pick up his new album, "Ol' Wheeler" - You'll be happy you did.

Kaskade | Chicago's Hometown Hero



On this episode of Sound Sessions, Michael chats with the EDM mega-force, Kaskade.  From his start in Chicago’s local house music scene to rocketing to large scale festivals across the globe – Kaskade has solidified himself as one of the guiding lights in Electronic Dance Music.

In this interview we cover everything from what he likes doing when he’s not on the road, changing the game when it comes to adding melody to electronic music, and his connection to Chicago.  Alright, I won’t take up any more of your time on this intro – Enjoy the interview!

Chanel West Coast


Chanel West Coast

Sound Sessions is happy to welcome West Coast Rapper, model,  and a true bad-ass with class, Chanel West Coast, to this episode.

Media Magnate, Chanel West Coast has been jet-setting across the country spreading her positive vibes and ear-candy beats from her album, WAVES.  From the minute she walks in the room you can feel her electricity - A non-stop machine, Chanel has her hand in everything from television, the music industry, and modeling all while maintaining a killer social media campaign.

We discuss everything from where she got her inspiration as a rapper, her family life, and where she met Rob Dyrdek -- thus, leading her into the spotlight of which she hasn't let go (ehem...props to Myspace.com).  We also chat about the importance of social media and how it can often be deceiving.. How it's best to let true artistry shine through before moving the latest/coolest trend.   Chanel regales stories of her first impressions of rap music and the artists that influenced before she got into the business.  We even dip into her new found love for the city of Chicago - Shout out to Millennium Park and Pizza!


Wayne Coyne


Wanye Coyne

Sound Sessions is delighted to welcome Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips to this episode.

Michael and Kevin discuss where he drew inspiration from for his latest album, “Oczy Mlody” and how he’s grown as a songwriter after making such a serious impact on the music industry.  Collaborating with other artists has been a key pillar in Wayne’s career – we pull that thread and discuss his recent tour with Disney star, Miley Cyrus and contrast that experience with being on the road with his main project, The Flaming Lips.  An influential persona, Wayne has struck a chord with his quirky, etherial, art to life songwriting that rings louder than ever with this new album.  Enjoy the interview.

Garth Brooks

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Garth Brooks 

Country legend, Garth Brooks sits down with WGN Radio’s music correspondent Michael Heidemann [Sound Sessions Podcast] to discuss his latest venture into the world of content creation in the digital realm.

The interview focuses on the importance of the “song” – especially for a songwriter who may view their music as worth more than the 99 cents you’d pay on a traditional streaming service.  They also discuss the first albums Garth listened to as a young boy growing up in Oklahoma and the influence these artists had on his life.

Garth Brooks remains the number one selling solo artist in the history of the US with 149 million albums sold.  Steadfast and true, his music has influenced millions of fans and artists alike.  His relationship with Chicago (starting his last tour here with 11 sold out shows) has solidified him as one of the all-time top grossing concert performers of the past 30 years.  Garth and Michael touch on the unique reasons behind his connection with the city and why he’ll always come back to play for his fans.  One of the most respected musicians of all time…Garth Brooks has cemented his legacy with vinyl and CD’s and now looks to take on the digital space as well.